Partner Visa: 4 Critical Reasons Why You Need To Apply For It

Posted on: 6 April 2022


As an immigrant, going for a partner visa is one of the safest pathways to gaining permanent residence in your country of interest. It offers you an opportunity to enjoy many benefits provided by the visa. For instance, most countries are sensitive to issues of marriage. Therefore, you cannot use marriage to make your way into a foreign country. A partner visa allows married couples to stay and enjoy the benefits provided without complications. Have a look at four main reasons you need to apply for a partner visa in a foreign country.

Access To Medication

Different countries have different medication systems for their citizens. In most cases, medication has been subsidised for people to afford quality care. As a foreigner, you may not automatically qualify for the medication programmes that have been provided. However, having a partner visa allows you to access a series of medical care programmes.

Your health in a foreign country where you may not have immediate friends and family is a great concern. Therefore, make it a priority to apply for a partner visa before it's too late.

Work Rights

You probably need to get a good job and earn a living to sustain your stay. With a partner visa, you will be able to access unrestricted work opportunities. Sadly, lack of a visa will restrict you from getting the best opportunities for work.

A partner visa can be easily revoked once issued. Therefore, ensure to comply with the work obligations during the duration of employment. This will not only protect your visa from being revoked. In addition, it gives a good track record and increases the chances of renewing your contract.

Security and Reliability

There are special cases where you may want to secure a permanent residence in the visiting country. For instance, married couples with families may need to stick around forever to have time with their loved ones. A partner visa is one of the best reassurance to achieve a permanent stay in the country. Basically, it gives you enough time to live and work while the permanent residency application is being processed. While the application is being made, there is no obligation for you to leave the country at any time.

Single Visa Application Charge

When you apply for a partner visa, the charges involved are for both temporary and permanent residence visas. At times, you can be granted a permanent residence visa immediately after the temporary visa based on the nature of your relationship at the time of application.