How An Immigration Attorney Will Help You Apply For A Partner Visa

Posted on: 11 February 2021


Do you intend to apply for the Australian partner visa? Most partner visa applicants experience a myriad of challenges as they apply for their permit. Unknown to them, an experienced immigration attorney can make the application process stress-free. Read this guide to understand the benefits of hiring an immigration attorney as you apply for your partner visa.

Eligibility Criteria

An immigration attorney will assess your situation and advise whether you qualify for the Australian partner visa. It helps you save time and money since you do not have to apply for the permit if you do not qualify. For instance, you must meet the department's health and character requirements. Additionally, you must be living in the country when applying for the visa. The department could revoke your application if you have had a visa cancelled when living in the country. 

Your sponsor must meet the eligibility criteria. Typically, they should not have sponsored another individual on a similar visa within the last five years. Besides, they should be willing to support your stay when living in the country. The department could reject the application if the sponsor has a significant record such as more than 12 months imprisonment or a death sentence. 


A major challenge that most applicants experience is that they do not know what documents to use as they apply for the partner visa. As such, they end up confusing the documents or uploading the wrong documents. An experienced immigration attorney knows what documents the department requires when evaluating your application. For instance, you are required to prove that you are in a bona fide relationship with your sponsor. To prove this, the attorney could need a celebrant certificate, joint bank accounts or assets, your employment details, photos of your wedding and evidence that you have met your partner's family. 

Visa Interviews

Your case officer might request an interview before approving your application. Your lawyer will inform you what to expect during the interview. Besides, they will train you on how to answer the officer's questions to avoid contradictions. The attorney will be present during the interview to guide you on how to answer the questions and ensure the officer observes professional standards. 


The immigration department will conduct regular follow-ups as they process your application. For instance, they could need extra documentation or ask you to clarify some of the information you provided. Your immigration attorney will be in constant communication with your case officer to respond to such issues. 

Your immigration attorney should have adequate experience in the field. Check the reviews of previous customers to know the quality of services you will get. Additionally, negotiate the attorney's terms and pricing before engaging their services.